Build Our Future

A bold vision for the sustainable growth of the Australian Muslim community.
Empowering our community, one endowment at a time.

Awqaf Australia: Empowering change through endowment for the Australian Muslim Community

Awqaf Australia is dedicated to receiving assets for a purpose—to drive impactful change within the Australian Muslim community. Endowments received by us go directly towards supporting education, alleviating poverty, and aiding the homeless.

Our Focus?

  • Empowering Education
  • Alleviating Poverty
  • Aiding the Homeless

And whatever you spend of good – it will be fully repaid to you, and you will not be wronged.

Surah Al-Baqarah

Awqaf: A ground-breaking solution

One of the highest forms of giving that Muslims can engage in (earning lasting rewards) are Islamic Endowments (awqaf) which have the power to radically and positively promote social and economic change. 

Awqaf are endowments for the community, by the community. They are assets that are donated, bequeathed or purchased to be held in perpetual trust as ongoing charity (sadaqah jariyah) or for a cause that Islam regards as socially beneficial.

A future built on potential

Awqaf are a unique, Islamically grounded model for social-economic value creation. Under this powerful model, we can help unlock the true potential of Muslim presence in Australia. 

Our community can build more sustainable social enterprises, charitable initiatives and community-serving assets, among many other institutions, powering the future of Islam in Australia. 

A long-term vision for independent, quality institutions

Awqaf allow Muslims in Australia to imagine a long-term future and plan accordingly. As our community continues to grow at a rapid pace, endowments become essential to create independent, well-managed institutions that are self-sustaining and benefit-creating in nature.

These institutions can become the bedrock of our community and be protected from individual interests, ensuring that they purely serve the long-term, communal interests of the whole community.

A divinely blessed model for growth

Endowments established through the waqf model are inherently blessed from the Islamic perspective: they are the manifestation of significant charity and generosity in the path of Allah. They carry tremendous blessings which perpetuate and yield benefits for the future. 

This model historically built some of Islam’s most successful institutions, and their barakah (blessings) saw tremendous worldly successes achieved by those that established them, all for Allah’s sake.

An idea whose time has come

As Muslims become more firmly established as part of Australian society, our thoughts rightly turn to creating a community fit for future generations of Muslims. With significant wealth, influence and a maturing sense of presence in this country, the time is right for the potential of awqaf to manifest in our community’s future.

How it works

Unleashing financial potential

Harnessing and unleashing the combined financial potential and clout of Australia's growing Muslim community.

A focus on sustainability

A focus on ventures and projects that are commercially sustainable and self-sufficient: the true potential of awqaf as institutions.

Socially needed initiatives

Putting an emphasis on projects and ventures that have an ongoing social impact on our community.

Powering Our Future

Your support could help power the following and much more:

Islamic Education

The Awqaf Australia vision sees education as a key area of potential where endowments can create tremendous value.

Sustainable Social Businesses

Businesses established as awqaf can unlock both social and economic value for our community, and are a key part of our roadmap for the future.

Independent Community Initiatives

Islamic endowments can create an ongoing commercial model around key socially-critical initiatives, from aged care and substance abuse rehab facilities to disability support and much more.

Invest in the future
Help establish a waqf today.

By helping establish a waqf, you can ensure that your generosity leaves a lasting positive impact on our community. Your support will help fund vital causes and empower future generations of Australian Muslims.

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