Awqaf Australia’s current projects and initiatives.

The General Fund

By donating to Awqaf Australia’s General Fund, you are pooling your wealth with thousands of other Australian Muslims who share your concern for the Ummah’s future in Australia. Your contribution will:

Be a legacy for you

Establishing awqaf (endowments) that provide vital needs like education and healthcare leaves a lasting legacy for those involved for generations to come.

Bring perpetual reward

Your support to fund a waqf brings you lasting rewards from Allah (SWT). It is a form of sadaqah jariyah, the extent of whose reward only Allah (SWT) knows. 

Strengthen the community

Awqaf are built to create lasting positive social and economic change, improving the lives of those in need and empowering the community as a whole.

Your contribution will help power:

Islamic Schools

As our Muslim community grows rapidly, Islamic educational institutions help to ensure that our youth and future generations are well-educated, maintain strong values and serve the community in positive ways. Awqaf Australia’s vision includes the building of more Islamic schools in the long run, serving our community’s insatiable appetite for quality education.

Community Businesses

Supporting local businesses allows our community to build a strong and sustainable local economy, create jobs, and promote the social development and well-being of the community as a whole. Awqaf Australia aims to create sustainable businesses through the waqf model in order to power organisational operations and further waqf projects in turn.

Rental Income

Waqf-supported rental income can provide our community with a sustainable source of funding for community projects and provide for those in need of housing support.

Invest in the future
Give through the General Fund today.

By giving through the Awqaf Australia General Fund, you are helping pool resources to allow us to fund our most critical strategic priorities. Your support will help fund vital causes and empower future generations of Australian Muslims.

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