Muslim Community Retreat

المركز التعليمي و الترفيهي للجالية المسلمة

Education and Support for Muslim Families

By the will of Allah, Awqaf Australia has identified a perfect opportunity for the Muslim Community Recreation (MCR) program. The property is less than 50km away from the Muslim community concentration in Sydney. We will be able to begin some activities immediately upon purchase of the property, and it will be developed further to include a wider range of engaging educational activities.
Purchase of the land already completed and development of new activities is progressing. for any queries and ideas.

The Muslim community is growing exponentially, and we have to create a suitable Islamic recreational environment.

MCR Project Objectives

Responding to the needs of the Muslim community, Awqaf aims through the MCR initiative to provide a suitable environment for the provision of educational and support programs, including:

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